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If a tooth is knocked out (avulsed) and it is a primary tooth, do not try to place it back in the mouth. The chance for success is not very great, and it is not worth risking the health of the developing permanent tooth. Let the child place the tooth under their pillow for the tooth fairy and give them a Popsicle. The Popsicle will lessen the swelling and slow any bleeding. If it is a permanent tooth, do not scrub it or remove any tissue, but place it in a glass of milk. Contact your dentist as soon as possible so that the tooth may be re-implanted back into the dental socket and properly stabilized. Radiographs will show if the bone is intact and not damaged.

If a tooth is fractured and the nerve is not exposed, the tooth can be bonded, and both esthetics and function can be restored. If there is sensitivity, a small dab of toothpaste can be placed over the exposed dentin to lessen sensitivity until the tooth can be restored. If the nerve is exposed, the nerve needs protection to lessen the likelihood of the tooth becoming non-vital. If the tooth becomes non-vital, root canal therapy can be performed at a later date.

Either Dr. Frank or Dr. Nick is on call. They can be reached by calling the office phone number 310-378-1283 and leaving your name and phone number with a short message. Then, hang up and call the number given on the answering machine so that the doctor will be paged. When you enter your number, please include your area code as well. We try to call back as soon as possible, but if for some reason the page does not go through, please page the doctor again after 30 minutes.

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